Six Corners Redevelopment Strategy



DevelopSpringfield has been focusing on strategies to assist in the redevelopment of the severely tornado impacted Six Corners neighborhood.  A part of this strategy is to facilitate in the development of new, affordable, single family homes. To date, DevelopSpringfield has acquired five vacant lots (one of which will be subdivided) and addressed environmental and title issues to prepare for development. Three lots have since been sold to VIVA Development to build new homes subsidized in part through CDBG DR funds made available through the City. By assisting in the purchase of privately owned properties and collaborating with the City and private developers, DevelopSpringfield is playing a significant role in the redevelopment of this neighborhood. The Curb Appeal Program (see below) is also a critical part of this initiative that offers assistance to existing property owners.

We also worked with a team of local stakeholders and the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) to examine redevelopment opportunities for the neighborhoods of Six Corners and Old Hill. The IEDC studied redevelopment issues and opportunities with a wide audience of community and regional stakeholders, and suggested deas for implementing redevelopment strategies included in the Rebuild Springfield plan.

Their examination has resulted in a comprehensive targeted plan to help guide redevelopment efforts in the Six Corners, Old Hill, Watershops area in Springfield.  Click here for a link to the full plan.



The Curb Appeal Program was a neighborhood stabilization and economic development initiative that offered small grants of up to $5,000 to residential property owners in a targeted zone within the Six Corners and Old Hill Neighborhoods that had been heavily impacted by the 2011 tornado as well as by vacancy and blight. Funds were used for improvements to building exteriors and landscaping that was visible from the street, and included porch repairs, painting, landscaping, walkway improvements, re-siding, and window replacements.  Grant funds for this program have been totally expended providing more than $75,000 in investment to nearly 20 property owners in the targeted area.  

Funding for the Curb Appeal Program has been made possible through the generous support of the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts (Eugene A. Dexter Charitable Fund), TD Charitable Foundation, DevelopSpringfield, and the Rotary Club of West Springfield.